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Employment Opportunity  

Here at Anthony, we are always looking for those that are bright, knowledgeable and have experience. We have job posting that may range from mechanics, finance, management, towing, and more. You can send your resume at:

or you can hand your resume in person at our office in Plainville CT. 

Operations Analyst,


Role: Analyze operations and statements/report to find solution for problem and generate special project by advanced quantitative methods to improve decision making efficiency in resource allocation, timely supply and effective inventory measurement, and ad hoc reporting.


  • Bachelor's degree in Math or Operations Research

  • plus 3-month experience. 

Current position opening below: 



Role: Perform all accounting functions stand-alone; further prepare short & long-term financial budget; examine financial estimation and proposal under consideration of agreement and inventory; audit & analyze accounting & financial data and ratios for resource allocation and expenditure control.


  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting

  • 3-month experience. 



Role: Able to drive a tower around the area and be able to perform small maintenance on the road. Able to operate equipment on the truck as well as handling hooking vehicles.


  • Medical Card

  • Clean driver record (Please provide documents when coming in) 

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